Pallini Liqueurs

Nobody does style like the Italians, and Pallini Limoncello is the most Italian of drinks. Limoncello in general, has long been Italy's favorite liqueur. It first became fashionable a century ago, with the zest of fresh lemons being steeped in sugar and alcohol to enjoy chilled. It was then that the first Virgilio Pallini perfected his family's closely guarded recipe, which has now been kept for over 130 years.

Its delicious natural zest comes from the fragrant peel of Sfusato lemons hand-picked on the Amalfi coast and infused in the finest pure spirit. The result is an intense burst of smooth and tangy flavors. No wonder it's the world's No. 1 super-premium limoncello brand.

Rounding out Pallini's trio of flavors are the refreshingly delicious Peachcello and Raspicello. Pallini Peachcello is made with luscious white peaches from Italy's flourishing orchards which are picked at their peak of flavor to create an exquisite liqueur with a heady bouquet.

The Pallinis created their Raspicello based on a simple recipe for raspberry liqueur. Pallini Raspicello, however, has enhanced this basic recipe by adding blueberries and black currants, grown in the rugged mountainous Abruzzi region of Italy in order to soften the flavor of the wild raspberries. The perfect blend of these berries is the secret to the bouquet and complex taste for Raspicello.

All three Pallini flavors can be enjoyed straight, either chilled or on the rocks, as well as in a mixed drink. However it's served, Pallini brings sophistication to any occasion. Passionate. Chic. Pizzazz in a glass. Pallini will always fill you with a zest for life.

Pallini - Zest for life.